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Double outcome on mostbet


To diversify the number of bets, mostbet adds additional variants to the spread. One of them is the double outcome, also called chance. Let us find out what type of bet in most bet, and what strategy you should use to win.

Features of double outcome betting in most bet

Double outcome bets are of the following types:
– 1X – a bet in most bet will win if the match ends in a draw or a win for the home team.
– 12 – bet on the victory of one of the teams, this option is often the lowest odds in most bet;
– X2 – a winning is possible, if the match ends with a draw or the victory of the second team (guests).
A double outcome bet at most bet is possible only if the match can have three outcomes, including a draw. It is better to bet on one of these variants if the opponents meet that are more or less equal in strength or in a derby when the meeting is crucial for the teams.
In comparison with single bets, moatbet will place double odds on double outcomes. Therefore, you should bet on them only in cases when the analysis did not help to identify the clear favorite of the meeting or you need to insure, if the team does not play as expected. In the latter case, you have to make a bet after the start of the match at moatbet.

Advantages of double outcome betting at the moatbet casino

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A double outcome is the type of bet at mostbeet where you can win if the odds go down at the same time. Such a revision of quotes is a sure sign that the teams' strengths are approximately equal, and even the analysts of the bookmaker's office can't predict the result of the match. With this type of betting, the probability of winning is 66%, the main thing is to choose the right option at mostbeet.

When a double outcome is more effective at moat bet casino

The efficiency of the bet is higher if you make it on the outsider of the match – then the odds will allow you to win if he turns out to be strong enough. If you choose the obvious outcome – betting on the match favorite, the odds will be 1.1-1.3. It will not bring a significant profit in moat bet casino. Such variant of the bet can be used for safety net if earlier a risky bet was made, for example, on the exact score in mostbeet.
Double outcomes are often used in expresses. There is less risk that the bet will not come true, and by multiplying the odds it is possible to make a substantial profit.

Example of a double outcome betting strategy at moatbet casino

One of the most commonly used double outcome betting strategies is picking forks in mostbeet. To implement it you will need to have accounts in at least two bookmaker offices. In them, it is necessary to make bets on the opposite outcomes – for example, 1X and X2. One of the variants will surely score.
At the same time, it is important that the odds for these events were from 2.01. Therefore, it is necessary to look for matches of equal opponents that are not principled. Staking 100 rubles each on opposite outcomes with odds 2.2 and 2.3, you can win 20, 30 or 250 rubles. The maximum profit will come from a match that ends in a draw at mostbeet in regulation time.